February 29, 2020

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Mother's Day

It has become the age-old question. What to get your mom for Mother's Day? Let's face it, most mothers do not really need anything. At least anything materialistic. Moms are the ones you go to for whatever it is that you might be missing. Like when you decide to make delicious candies and the recipe calls for a double boiler, but you have no clue what that is. Yup. That was me! I had no clue what a double boiler was, or if I needed to go to a specialty shop to purchase one. Of course, my mom knew and she even owned one. Better yet, she was more than happy to let me "borrow" hers! Moms are seriously the best! I still have that double boiler and it's been ten years since that phone call. 

That brings us back to the age-old question, what do you get your mother (who owns everything under the sun) for Mother’s Day? 

The answer is actually a simple one. Time. More than anything your mom just wants time with you. As we become older, we seem to have less time for those that are important to us. We try to solve it with stuff. Something that can be put in a box & mailed. When in reality there is nothing more special than the relationships with the people you love and the only true way of nurturing that relationship is with time spent together. Thankfully gift-giving has taken on a whole new meaning lately. More and more people are realizing that all that "stuff" is unnecessary and is opting for experiences instead. 

*Actual Mother's Day Painting 2020 will be announced mid-April.

So, why not treat your mother to a date with you? While you can do the standard lunch and spa pedicure, it might be nice to try something new where there is more interaction. This is where The PaintBuzz comes in! Paint nights have become something of a craze lately and I believe that is because painting together is a fun and entertaining activity. It allows for socialization within your party, or even outside your party (if you have an outgoing personality!). Big and small groups, plus even duo’s, find these paint nights as a great way to reconnect with one another. 

The Paint Buzz is truly a perfect setting for splurging on some quality time with your mom. Your class will be led by a fantastic local artist. He will gently guide you step by step to complete your canvas artwork. With multiple classes each month, each featuring a new piece of artwork, there are plenty of options to choose from too. No previous art skills are required either! The two of you can have some quality time together in a relaxed setting, fueled with snacks, coffee, and a physical memento from your evening out. Your mother will think of the experience you shared every time she gazes at her painting on the wall. Plus, don’t forget The Paint Buzz is also family-friendly! 

If you really wanted to earn some brownie points, you could make it a grandmother, daughter, and grandchild (10+ years) night out! On that note...I'm already checking The Paint Buzz calendar for my own mother-daughter date this year!

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