March 15, 2020

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Team Building

Team-building events have changed throughout the years, and for the better too! It used to be that all employees dreaded having to partake in these forced “fun” mixers. Now, we embrace more “out of the box” thinking, thanks to millennials perhaps, with new approaches to this traditional activity. The days of the nerve-wracking falling-into-peoples-arms trust activity are gone! 

Team-building events are an integral part of a business. It has been noted that when coworkers bond through mutually enjoyable experiences that production levels go up, but aside from that, team-building exercises encourage creativity, communication, collaboration and often include the added bonus of chuckles! Make no mistake, team building exercises still have value because they solicit the kind of skills needed for a successful business operation. 

New environments or environments outside the office encourage people to step outside their “comfort zone” and be more creative with coworkers, but they also facilitate the opportunity to improve communication skills without the stresses of work-related responsibilities. The objective of team-building exercises is collaboration through socialization. Employees are allowed to share their strengths and see what others bring to the table to find balance as an inclusive team.

So, what sort of “out of the box” team-building activity am I talking about? Painting! 

The Paint Buzz is the perfect location for your employees to enjoy some non-traditional team-building in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Our studio is a whimsical experience, rich with vibrant colors, beautiful artwork, and delightful conversations. Our Master Artist will guide you in the creation of your artwork and demonstrate the best ways to make the lesson your own. 

During a painting session, not only will you get to learn a new skill, but you will also enjoy the camaraderie that happens naturally when multiple people are learning the skill together. In this type of setting, there is no competition factor, but you will likely discover who has some “artsy” genes! 

While you may think team-building is primarily for large, corporate businesses, this activity is also excellent youth programs, colleges, and non-profit organizations. Participation builds trust and can improve self-esteem, which promotes good mental-emotional health. It is important to take the time to unplug from that smartphone or computer and increase your interaction with humans! You never know, you might even make a new friend during a team-building exercise. 

So, what do you say to some creative expression for your next team-building exercise? Come paint with us and enjoy some time in your extended community! The Paint Buzz is happy to host any of your upcoming events!

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